For The Love Of Carl

by The Fake Carls

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Wow, we've come so far. Since meeting Carl in 2010, we never knew we'd someday be releasing an EP in his name. We're so proud of our hard work and thank everyone who made this possible.

-All Carls real and fake


released April 19, 2013



all rights reserved


The Fake Carls New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Sabrina
Hey there Sabrina got a subpoena for your heart, your heart
Traveled the border but I have a court order for you heart, your heart
And you know those looks you give me are giving you a head start
You know that I know that you know, you won't say no

Hey there Sabrina got a subpoena take my hand, don't get mad
I decode your glance, Sabrina, give me just one chance
I'll be better than any man you've ever had
You know those looks you give me make me want you really bad
You know that I know that you know, you won't say no

Stop playing games we both know how this will end
Don't give up this chance I don't wanna be just friends
Stop playing games and let's try something new
I could make you feel so good if you want me to
You know that I know that you know you won't say no
Track Name: Begin
The only thing that matters is realizing what matters
We're competing to be the victim in our humble teenage satires
When the bottom breaks we'll be raising all the stakes
To the soundtrack that we wrote just for the end
A montage of where we could have where we should have been
Let's begin

Bullets to our heads just to understand where life went
Drowning in the rivers just to say that we were current
When the bottom breaks we'll be hopeful for the aches
That explain exactly why this is the end
Bleeding into nothing for revenge
Let's begin.

It seems we are all here for the very same strange reason
Jumping onto trains to run away when we're accused of treason
Dancing all alone cause our wives just won't come home
Don't you think it's time that we made this life our own

Turning pages far too fast if only we saw we needed
Paragraphs of simple laughs if only we could read it
When the bottom breaks my fingertips upon your face
WIll be enough to save you from the end
Here's my coat to keep you warm my friend
Let's begin.
Track Name: This Is War
Walking into battle like a veteran soldier
I thought I was a winner cause she finally let me hold her
I told her it's over no more chips on my shoulder
The weight of my heart is starting to feel like a boulder

I don't cry over spilled milk or piles of my limbs on the floor
I don't cry over heartache or piles of my limbs on the floor
This is war this is war. This is war this is war.

I'm not leaving with the honors I thought
Her love is like a battle but there's no purple heart
Cause it's art how she starts tearing my love apart
Bullseye on my forehead and her eyes are the dart

I may have won some battles
But I sure lost the war
Track Name: Icarus
I wanna be cool but I don't know how
I wanna be cool but it's so nice out
Brain said walk, honey, heart said run
Ignite your wings you gotta see the sun

You can't bribe the universe if it's bribing you
The rules, oh, they govern, they tell me what to do
But the grass is green and it still grows exactly where I stand
I won't be opposed to who I am

I wanna be cool but I don't know how
I wanna be cool but I'm so strung out
World said stop, honey, heart said go
World said stop but I said no

The laws of physics say
I can't float away
Better things are near and gravity feeds on fear
I will run into the sky and if I fall it won't be because I didn't try
Track Name: Masqueraders
Sailing cross the seven seas, earth and sky and chilling breeze
Something in the wind is guiding our descent
Throwing up our grappling hooks, castles give us dirty looks
We don't care for them. No we just wanna swim

Through all the motes with alligators
Drop your bridge for the invaders
We are foreign crusaders
Here to kill your masqueraders

Storming over dungeon walls freeing all the prisoners
They just tried to be apart from policy
Riot kingdom overthrown, cleaning up their dirty crowns
We'll put them on the kings not impostors with gold rings

Here ye here ye, listen to me.
Decrees aren't taken lightly
SImple citizens this campaign is the best yet
Vote for us you won't regret
Blasphemy you best forget

Overturning righteous rules burning down your coward schools
We have to unlearn everything we've heard
Every single tainted speech you tried to talk you tried to preach
Colonizing fast but your kingdom's built with glass